What is reiki?

Reiki is a natural, easy and powerful healing-method, as far as we know, conceived by Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926) in Japan.

Reiki is a wonderful tool – old temple knowledge. A path to increased awareness, consciousness and enlightment that Mikao Usui systemized, making it accessible for all. 

If we translate Reiki, REI can mean universal, holy, or spiritual. KI is the same as Chi; lifeforce running through every living thing – it is complex, and holistically touches us in several ways and levels. As human beings we are more than most of us can conceive – It is something about getting in touch with this ‘more’ that we all can access, being slightly different for every one of us. We are all unique – it is all about getting close to what is ‘our true self’. 

Reiki means Universal energy/life-force

To access this energy, we normally must be activated by a qualified Reikimaster. This is done in a Reiki level 1 seminar (approx. 12 hours over two days). Like an authorized electrician can connect your house to the power grid, a Reikimaster can connect you to the Reiki energy. When you are opened to this energy, you can treat yourself (and others) by putting your hands on the Reiki positions, or wherever you want on your body. Reiki is available to all.

It is our body that draws the reiki-energy to where we hide our greatest imbalance. Reiki creates balance and harmony, supporting our own natural healing process. Reiki works holistically, and covers mind, body, thoughts and feelings at the same time. Strengthening and harmonizing where needed. The energy is objective and neutral, and has its own intelligence when it comes to finding where we need support. A little like how water always will go to the deepest part of the empty container. Reiki support our true systems, and will make other natural treatments more potent.

One-hour Reiki treatment is equivalent to 3-4 hours of deep sleep and restitution.