Reiki course and levels

Reiki level 1 is the most important level of Reiki. 

No prior knowledge or special skills are required to attend the Reiki 1 seminar.

It is not possible to learn Reiki intellectually; the energy becomes available through the spiritual parts of the human being. You will learn the base method of Reiki. A skilled Reikimaster provides Reiki level 1 through 4 initiations during the seminar (ca 12 hours), normally during 2 days. 

This seminar is about being opened to the energy, and to learn more about Reiki through experience. The knowledge must be integrated, lived and experienced. 

After the seminar, all participants can use Reiki for self-treatment, and if desirable, give Reiki to family and friends.

Many experiences a positive shift in their lives after being activated to Reiki.

3.000 NOK

Reiki level 2 seminar provide you with three Reiki-symbols (energy structures) functioning like keys to different aspects of Ki, Life-force.

Again, this is not a linear or intellectual knowledge, the Reikimaster will activate the energy structures within you for multi-dimensional experience and use. The knowledge of the Reiki symbols lives within Ki, and we have to ‘live it’ to see, learn and master their function.

The symbols and techniques learned in a Reiki 2 seminar, are tools that enable work directly toward the themes and situations we wish to focus on. The Reiki 2 techniques are powerful aids in our personal development. You learn how ‘to send’ Reiki; different effective ways to use Reiki in your daily life, and a reinforced self-treatment.

There is a lot of information on a Reiki level 2 seminar, during approx. 15 hours, normally held over 3 days. 

We recommend our workshops for practice and experience.

I recommend two to three months between Reiki level 1 and level 2 seminars, to integrate energies and new knowledge. It is recommended at least six months between Reiki level 2 and Reiki level 3A. Reiki level 2 (and preferably Reiki 1) is to be repeated at least once before applying for an interview to be able to access Reiki 3A.

5.000 NOK 

Before attending Reiki level 3A, you have to pass an interview. This is for both you and your teacher, to know that all prior learned knowledge and experiences are properly integrated, and that the time is right for you to continue to Reiki 3A. 

The Reiki 3A seminar lasts for 3 full days. Here you will get access to the fourth symbol, and more advanced techniques.

Reiki 3A is work directly through heart-chakra, and greatly promotes personal growth.

When the seminar is completed, you can choose to continue with the Reikimaster-education.

Reiki 3A is not to be repeated before you as a Reikimaster returns with your own students, students that has taken both Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with you.

13.000 NOK

The Reikimaster education takes at least a year and qualifies you to teach Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2.

Being a Reikimaster student, you follow a written manual in addition to other tasks you will receive.

You will get to know yourself thoroughly through all levels, and will be properly educated in both the practical and energetic work necessary hosting a qualified high standard Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 seminar.

130.000 NOK (Reiki 3A cost will be deducted)

To become a Reikimaster-teacher, you must have worked as a Reikimaster for minimum two years. You have wide experience in teaching Reiki, and has educated students ready for Reiki 3A. When you have repeated Reiki 3A together with four of your students, you graduate as a Reikimaster-teacher and are qualified to teach Reiki at all levels.