Helén R. Løddesøl

Reikimaster teacher


Helén Røren Løddesøl is a Reikimaster teacher, a yoga instructor, and an energy intuitive healer. As a teenager she competed in gymnastics on a national level. She is has led aerobic classes for almost 40 years, practiced yoga for more than 30 years, and worked as a certified yoga instructor for 20 years.

Helén started with Reiki in year 2000, graduated as a certified Reikimaster in 2005 and a Reikimaster-teacher in 2008. She teaches Reiki on all levels in Norway and internationally. Furthermore, she regularly arranges energy workshops.

Helén is energy intuitive and works as a therapist. She has travelled extensively and worked with international masters to study Reiki, yoga and different kind of modalities both in physical movement, meditative and healing techniques.

Kontakt på epost: helen@reikimester.com


“Reiki er en subtil energi som virker uavhengig av din forståelse …. “